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Product Name:

Wireless and Tetherless Trauma Care Patient

Product Reference:

Trauma HAL® S3040.50

Product Description:


•   Full-body adult 70 inches (178 cm)
•   Rugged shoulder and hip joints allow dragging and carrying
•   Splash-proof for CBRNe water spray decontamination
•   Self-contained design; all operating components and blood reservoirs stored inside the body
•   Wireless and tetherless control; at distances up to 900 Ft. (300 m).
•   Fully operational on battery power for up to 8hrs (AC power supported)


•   Library of prerecorded speech responses included
•   Be the voice of Trauma Hal; Streaming audio (optional)


•   Realistic airway with teeth, tongue, epiglottis, and vocal cords
•   Programmable laryngospasms
•   Articulated neck and jaw for head tilt/chin lift
•   Naso/orotracheal intubation: ETT, supraglottic airway, King LT™
•   Supports suctioning liquids from the airway and lungs
•   Visible gastric distention with esophageal intubation or excess BVM
•   Surgical trachea insert accommodates tracheostomy and needle cricothyrotomy


•   Selectable normal and abnormal heart sounds
•   Defibrillate and pace using real energy
•   Effective compressions generate palpable pulses
•   Preprogrammed ECG rhythm library with customizable variations
•   4-Lead ECG monitoring using real equipment (12-lead option available item S3040.50.120)
•   eCPR™ Real-time CPR performance monitoring
Time to CPR
Compression depth/rate
Chest recoil
Compression interruptions
Ventilation rate
Excessive ventilation
Time to defibrillation
•   CPR assisting tones
•   Durable chest recoil design


•   Visible continuous, spontaneous chest rise
•   Programmable breath/throat sounds
•   Programmable anterior upper and lower lung sounds
•   Bilateral chest rise with BVM ventilations
•   Ventilation detection
•   Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
•   Programmable unilateral chest rise
•   Needle decompression sites with audible hiss and needle placement detection
•   Bilateral chest drain tube insertion sites


•   Measurable Blood pressure using real sphygmomanometer
•   Audible Korotkoff sounds
•   Bilateral blood pressure dependent pulses: carotid, radial, femoral, pedal
•   Femoral artery pressure sensor
•   Bilateral deltoid and quadricep intramuscular injection sites
•   Bilateral intravenous training arm
•   Intraosseous access at right tibia


•   Supports esophageal intubation and gastric suctioning


•   Interchangeable trauma/healthy lower left arm and leg
•   Bleeding groin wound detects applied pressure
•   Trauma site arterial bleeding synchronized with heart rate and blood pressure
•   Blood pressure dependent bleeding rate
•   Arm and leg tourniquet sensors
•   Pressure on femoral artery reduces or stops distal bleeding
•   On-board 1.5 liter blood reservoir
•   Automatic self-filling reservoir system
•   Responsive blood loss monitor and reservoir level

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