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Product Name:

Wireless and Tetherless Pediatric Patient

Product Reference:

Pediatric HAL® S2225

Product Description:


•   Height: 44 inches
•   Tetherless and wireless; fully responsive during transport
•   The internal rechargeable battery provides hours of tetherless operation
•   Smooth and supple full-body skin with seamless trunk and limb joints
•   Realistic joint articulation: neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee
•   Palpable bony landmarks
•   Forearm pronation and supination
•   Supports common patient positions including Fowler’s, supine, and sitting
•   Male/female patient conversion
•   Tablet PC preloaded with UNI® included
•   OMNI®2 ready
•   Includes 10 preprogrammed SLEs and facilitator’s guidebook


•   Spontaneous breathing and selectable normal and abnormal respiratory patterns
•   Variable respiratory rates and inspiratory/expiratory ratios
•   Programmable unilateral chest rise and fall
•   Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
•   Real CO2 exhalation: supports etCO2 monitoring using real sensors and monitoring devices
•   Selectable normal and abnormal sounds: upper right front and back, upper left front and back, lower right back, and lower left back
•   Mechanical ventilation support:
AVC, SIMV, CPAP, PCV, PSV, and more
Supports therapeutic levels of PEEP
Programmable variable lung compliance
Variable bronchi resistance
Programmable respiratory efforts for weaning/liberation
•   Real-time ventilation feedback
•   Visible chest rise during BVM ventilation
•   Chest tube insertion: left midaxillary haemothorax site features palpable bony landmarks, realistic skin for cutting and suturing, tactile pleural pop, and fluid drain
•   Needle decompression site features realistic tactile feedback and audible hiss
•   Needle decompression and chest tube insertion detection and logging


•   Anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
•   Supports nasotracheal/orotracheal intubation with standard instruments including endotracheal tubes and supraglottic airway devices
•   Tracheal intubation detection
•   Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust
•   Supports esophageal intubation
•   NG/OG tube placement
•   Supports bag-valvemask ventilation
•   Realistic surgical trachea permits tracheostomy, cricothyrotomy, and retrograde intubation
•   Programmable difficult airway: laryngospasm and tongue edema
•   Selectable normal and abnormal upper airway sounds


•   Visible cyanosis, redness, pallor, and jaundice
•   Supports capillary refill time testing above the right knee; test detection and logging
•   Palpable pulses: bilateral carotid, brachial, radial, and femoral
•   Blood pressure dependent pulses
•   Supports blood pressure monitoring using a real NIBP cuff and monitor
•   SpO₂ monitoring using real devices


•   Includes comprehensive library of ECG rhythms with customizable beat variations
•   Independent normal/abnormal heart sounds at aortic, pulmonic, and mitral sites
•   Supports ECG monitoring using real devices
•   Supports ECG-derived respiration monitoring (EDR)
•   eCPR™ Real-time quality feedback and reporting
Time to CPR
Compression depth/rate
Compression interruptions
Ventilation rate
Excessive ventilation
Smart CPR voice coach
•   Effective chest compressions generate palpable femoral pulses
•   Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real devices and energy
•   Anterior/posterior defibrillation sites
•   Supports double sequential external defibrillation (DSED) up to 150 Joules


•   Active robotics simulate lifelike facial expressions including:
Transient pain
Ongoing pain
•   Preprogrammed emotional states automatically express associated verbal and non-verbal cues without manual input
•   Create custom facial expressions via UNI® interface
•   Programmable jaw movement, bilateral or unilateral brow movement, and horizontal neck rotation
•   Automatically turns head and eyes towards the approaching subject
•   Stiff neck (torticollis)
•   Interactive eyes: eyes can automatically follow a moving object
•   Programmable blinking rate,pupil response, and bilateral and unilateral eye movement
•   Independent, active pupillary light reflex
•   Abnormal eye and eyelid movements: cross-eyed, nystagmus, eyelid twitching, eyelid droop
•   Programmable crying/tears release real fluid
•   Wireless streaming voice: be the voice of HAL and listen to participants respond in real-time
•   Real-time voice modulation effects
•   Automatic jaw movement synchronized with speech
•   Seizures with selectable intensity levels
•   50+ prerecorded speech responses

Vascular Access

•   Bilateral forearm IV access supports sampling and continuous infusion
•   Intraosseous infusion site at right proximal tibia
•   Real glucose test readings via finger-stick


•   Patent esophagus
•   Gastric distension during excessive PPV
•   Bowel sounds in four quadrants
•   Interchangeable male/female genitalia
•   Supports urinary catheterization with fluid return
•   Programmable urinary output

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