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SYNMAN Compact Torso Model

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SYNMAN Compact Torso Model is the small brother of the SYNMAN for the ATLS Team Training. It was designed in cooperation with ATLS Switzerland and was officially acknowledged in 2012 by the ACS/ATLS. It is set up and ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

The following procedures are possible:

  • Cricothyroidotomy
  • Needle Thoracentesis
  • Chest Tube Insertion

SYNMAN Compact

Thorax model for Trauma surgery training with simulated human organs.

Dimensions:Length: 460 mm, Width: 466 mm, Height: 230mm
Material:Various materials
Fracture:Intact model
Delivery:Ready to ship within 25 working days
Model Type:Intact
Surgery:Advanced Life Support
Intended Use:General Instrumentation
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