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Product Name:

Wireless and Tetherless, Maternal

Product Reference:

NOELLE® S575.100

Product Description:


  • Wireless and Tetherless and fully responsive even while being transported
  • Wireless control at distances of up to 300ft.
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hrs. of tetherless operation
  • Supports continuous operation on AC power
  • Pneumatic and fluid reservoirs are housed inside the body

Labor and Delivery

  • NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability
  • Automatic and fully programmable birthing mechanism simulates descent and cardinal movements
  • Precise labor scenario repeatability for competency-based training and assessment
  • Programmable normal, breech, shoulder dystocia, instrument-assisted delivery, and C- section
  • 9 Labor and Delivery SLEs
  • Facilitator’s Guidebook
  • Supports Leopold’s Maneuvers and external cephalic version
  • Epidural placement and needle detection; palpable anatomical landmarks and skin layers
  • Force sensors monitor traction applied to the fetus in real-time
  • Anatomic landmarks include bilateral ischial spines, coccyx, and pubic bone
  • Realistic birth canal with dilating cervix
  • Fetus rotates, dips, and rises during delivery
  • Palpable contractions
  • Programmable intrapartum bleeding
  • Supports McRoberts maneuvers
  • Supports Woods’ screw, arm sweeps, and Lovset
  • Postpartum: palpable fundus with programmable uterine contractions
  • Uterine bleeding: manage uterine hemorrhage using medications or a balloon tamponade
  • Episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue that can be sutured closed repeatedly


  • Programmable blinking, dilation, and eye response to light
  • Programmable duration and intensity of convulsions
  • Prerecorded responses
  • Wireless streaming voice: be the voice of Noelle and listen to the participants’ responses via a wireless headset


  • Program tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Nasal or oral intubation
  • Sensors detect depth of intubation
  • Supports Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation
  • Supports conventional airway adjuncts


  • Automatic chest rise is synchronized with respiratory patterns
  • Normal and abnormal breath sounds
  • Independent left or right lung sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Ventilation may be assisted using BVM, ETT, or LMA
  • Ventilations are measured and logged
  • Detection and logging of ventilations and compressions


  • eCPR® – Monitor rate and compression depth, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation. The smart trainer features vocal cues and outputs performance reports.
  • Chest compressions generate palpable blood pressure waveform and ECG artifacts
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds
  • Heart sounds synchronized with ECG
  • ECGs are generated in real time with physiologic variations


  • Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation using real instruments
  • Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors
  • Bilateral carotid, radial, and brachial pulses synchronized with ECG
  • Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
  • Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
  • Optional drug recognition system
  • SubQ and IM injection sites
  • Chest compressions are measured and logged
  • ECG monitoring using real devices
  • Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real devices
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