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Student Auscultation Manikin

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Key Features

Clear, Accurate Sounds                                                     

Providing the clearest, most accurate sounds in the industry,

contains over 100 normal and abnormal cardiac, respiratory, bowel, and bruit sounds

includes access to our Real Sounds Library — a collection of 24 real heart and lung sounds recorded from live patients.

built-in speakers, students can auscultate using their own stethoscope — without the noise disturbance from interior mechanics.

Utterly Simple                                            

SAM 3G was designed to be remarkably simple to operate. Out of the box,

can be plugged in and easily programmed to the desired sounds.

ot only instructors who benefit from SAM’s simplicity of use — students are also able to practice auscultation with SAM independently.

Portable and Durable                                 

Weighing under 20 pounds

highly portable

constantly on the go, which is a crucial feature for ensuring students spend adequate time practicing their auscultation skills.

Enhanced Lectures                                     

Custom lectures can be built directly in the SAM 3G software

Play relevant sounds aloud for the class while demonstrating proper stethoscope placement

over 60 lesson guides serve as a template on which to build a lecture

play videos of simulated case studies for students to grasp genuine healthcare professional-to-patient interaction.

Instructive Software                                   

SAM 3G comes with 24 case videos

12 echocardiogram videos, and EKG waveforms of every sound

Combined with lesson guides and phonocardiograms for each sound or condition

students will have access to everything they need to master their auscultation skills.

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