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Product Name:

Newborn Skills Trainer

Product Reference:

PEDI® S109

Product Description:


  • Full-term neonate of average size & weight: 8 lbs 19.5 in
  • Smooth, full-body skin
  • Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones at no additional cost
  • Realistic resistance and range of joint articulation including flexible spine
  • Detachable umbilical cord
  • Palpable lumbar landmarks for proper needle insertion


  • Anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway: including gums, tongue, epiglottis, glottis, and vocal cords
  • Practice endotracheal intubation with standard adjuncts
  • Supports placement of supraglottic airway devices
  • Perform Sellick maneuver
  • Supports positive-pressure ventilation via BVM, nasopharyngeal, or oropharyngeal intubation


  • Visible chest rise with positive-pressure ventilation
  • Chest tube insertion


  • Realistic resistance for chest compressions and recoil
  • Palpable pulses generated with manual pressure bulb: fontanelle, umbilical, brachial, and femoral

Vascular Access

  • IV cannulation: bolus infusion, and sampling – hand – scalp – umbilicus
  • Umbilical catheterization (UVC/UAC): access, continuous infusion, and sampling
  • Bilateral heel stick with blood draw
  • Lumbar puncture: catheterization, infusion, and sampling
  • Anterolateral thigh intramuscular injection
  • Bilateral intraosseous tibial infusion


  • Allows nasogastric and orogastric intubation
  • Perform feeding and suction through gastric tubes
  • Ileostomy, colostomy, and suprapubic stomas for ostomy care and drainage exercises
  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia
  • Urinary catheterization with fluid return
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