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Product Name:

Gynecological Skills Trainer

Product Reference:

ZOE® S504.200

Product Description:


  • Adult-sized female lower torso: diaphragm to upper-quadriceps
  • Smooth and supple skin
  • Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones at no additional cost
  • Bony landmarks including ischial spines and coccyx
  • Patent rectum for suppository administration


  • Vaginal introitus facilitates placement of female condom or diaphragm
  • Removable and interchangeable cervices for visualization of normal and abnormal physiologies

Normal parous



Nabothian cyst

Purulent cervicitis


  • Lifelike uteri and cervices structure for bimanual examinations

6-8 week pregnant

6-8 week pregnant with shortened ligaments

10-12 week pregnant

20 week pregnant

Non-pregnant anteverted

Non-pregnant retroverted

  • Realistic fallopian tubes and ovaries for visualization and occlusion practice
  • Pre-cut openings in non-pregnant abdomen permit minilaparotomy procedures
  • Patent cervices and uterus opening allow passage of real instruments for procedures like uterine sounding
  • Interchangeable and modular perineum insert for easy addition of optional ZOE® packages


  • Realistic urethra and bladder for catheterization exercises

Optional – Uteri with Externally Palpable Abnormal Pathologies

  • Easily interchangeable uteri for recognizing abnormal pathologies via bimanual examination
  • Enlarged uterus
  • Small uterus
  • Bicornate uterus
  • Severely anteverted-anteflexed uterus
  • Uterus with large ovarian cyst
  • Uterus with medium ovarian cyst
  • Uterus with moderate retroversion
  • Myomatous uterus
  • Uterus with left side salpingitis
  • Uterus with right side salpingitis

Optional – Uteri with Normal and Abnormal Internal Pathologies

Optional – Vulva with Integrated Fistula Model

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