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Product Name:

Childbirth Skills Trainer

Product Reference:

Advanced OB Susie® S500.200

Product Description:


  • Lightweight birthing torso available in light, medium, or dark skin colors
  • Vertex or breech deliveries
  • Vacuum augmentation or forceps-assisted deliveries
  • Replaceable vulval inserts and highly distensible cervices
  • Removable abdominal and opaque covers
  • Audible maternal heart sounds from 0 to 200 bpm
  • Audible newborn heart sounds from 0 to 220 bpm
  • Audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor
  • Fetus with elevating pillow for practicing Leopold maneuvers
  • Rectum allows medication

Birthing Baby Having:

  • Two placentas with removable fragments
  • Four umbilical cords
  • Two connectors
  • Two umbilical clips
  • Birthing baby having a skull with fontanelles
  • Audible heart rate from 0 to 220 bpm
  • Soft face skin fits over the head for vacuum/forceps delivery

Newborn Baby Having:

  • Umbilical pulse operated by a squeeze bulb
  • Head cap to minimize hypothermia
  • Umbilical catheterization

Other Features

  • Postpartum hemorrhage of 1.25 liters of fluid
  • Control postpartum hemorrhage by massaging the uterus
  • Bladder catheterization with variable urinary flow
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