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Product Name:

 Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso

Product Reference:

Super OB Susie® S500.300

Product Description:


  • Adult-size female lower torso: diaphragm to quadriceps
  • Smooth skin with seamless joints
  • Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones at no additional cost
  • Articulating hip joints
  • Bony landmarks including ischial spines and coccyx
  • Patent rectum for enema and suppository administration

Labor and Delivery

  • Realistic birth canal for vaginal examination
  • Cervix illustrates dilation and effacement
  • Removable pregnant abdomen cover to visualize cardinal movements
  • Shoulder dystocia deliveries – visible fetal head retraction – suprapubic pressure – McRoberts – Zavanelli
  • Cephalic deliveries – vacuum – forceps
  • Breech delivery – frank, complete, footling – Lovset, Pinard’s, Mauriceau, Ritgen’s maneuver

Cord & Placenta

  • Lifelike umbilical cord can be cut/clamped and used to practice complications: nuchal cord – cord prolapse – true knots
  • Lifelike placenta with removable cotyledons
  • Placenta delivery
  • Umbilical stumps for additional cutting and clamping


  • Full-term size and weight (18.5 in, 6 lb)
  • Soft, full-body skin
  • Nasal and oral cavities
  • Palpable fontanelle and sutures
  • Articulated limb joints
  • Detachable umbilical cord

Optional Postpartum Episiotomy Suture Trainer

  • Realistic, soft skin supports real sutures
  • Mediolateral left episiotomy perineum
  • Midline episiotomy perineum
  • Durable self-healing skin

Optional Postpartum Management Package

  • Realistic post-delivery perineum
  • Supports uterine tamponade placement
  • Adjustable uterine tone
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