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Product Name:

Adult Multipurpose Airway and CPR

Product Reference:

HAL® S315.400

Product Description:


  • Realistic airway which is manually programmable to include tongue edema, laryngospasm and pharyngeal swelling
  • Use NP/OP tubes, ventilate, and intubate
  • Realistic chest compression/recoil
  • BVM produces realistic chest rise
  • Intubate using conventional adjuncts
  • Inflating lungs produces realistic chest rise

Gastric distention

Easy neck flexion and extension

Unilateral chest rise with right main stem intubation

Lungs can be disabled independently

Surgical airway procedures such as tracheostomy and needle or surgical cricothyrotomy

Supplied with normal and surgical cricoid cartilage inserts, allowing for longitudinal and transverse incisions

Bilateral needle decompression at 2nd intercostal space

Bilateral drainage at 5th intercostal space using conventional large diameter chest tubes

Pneumatic controls powered by internal reservoir charged using supplied manual pump or a conventional BVM

Multifunctional, compact, portable

Eyes may be open or closed

Adult male upper body and head

Silicone face/head skin for realistic jaw thrust, head tilt/chin lift

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