Product Name Rugged Trauma Care Patient Simulator

Product Ref.                Trauma HAL® S3040.100

Anatomy and Connectivity

  •     Full body adult 70 inches (178 cm) / 88 lbs. (40 kg)
  •     Rugged shoulder and hip joints allow dragging and carrying
  •     Splash proof for CBRNe water spray decontamination
  •     Self-contained design; all operating components and blood reservoirs stored inside the body
  •     Wireless and tetherless control; at distances of up to 900 Ft. (300 m).
  •     Fully operational on battery power for up to 10hrs (AC power supported)
  •     Interchangeable trauma/healthy lower arms and legs
  •     Designed for fast scenario resets with automatic self-refilling reservoir system
  •     Ruggedized for outdoor climate


  •     Blinking eyes with reactive pupils
  •     Software controlled fluid secretion at ears, eyes, and mouth
  •     Mild and severe convulsions
  •     Wireless streaming audio; be the voice of Trauma HAL and hear responses at distances up to 150 ft.
  •     Library of prerecorded responses
  •     Programmable custom verbal responses in any language


  •     Head tilt/chin lift
  •     Naso/orotracheal intubation: ETT, LMA, King LT
  •     Retrograde intubation
  •     Fiberoptic intubation
  •     Programmable difcult airway: tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
  •     Laryngospasm with tight seal preventing intubation
  •     Surgical airway for cricothyrotomy, tracheotomy, and tracheal hook exercises
  •     Supports suctioning liquids from the airway and lungs
  •     Visible gastric distention with esophageal intubation



  •     Visible chest rise with BVM
  •     Ventilation detection
  •     Shallow and deep needle decompression with audible hiss and needle placement detection up to 3.25in.
  •     Unilateral chest rise and right mainstem intubation
  •     Spontaneous chest rise and fall with normal and abnormal respiratory patterns
  •     Selectable anterior lung sounds
  •     Bilateral chest tube insertion


  •     eCPR™ Real-time CPR performance monitoring
  •         Time to CPR
  •         Compression depth/rate
  •         Chest recoil
  •         Compression interruptions
  •         Ventilation rate
  •         Excessive ventilation
  •         Time to defibrillation
  •         Smart CPR voice coach
  •         Real end-tidal CO2 capability (option S3040.100.078)
  •         Durable chest recoil design


  •     Programmable cyanosis
  •     Measure blood pressure using a real blood pressure cuff
  •     Detectable oxygen saturation using real OSAT monitors
  •     Antecubital IV access
  •     Bilateral carotid, radial, brachial (antecubital fossa), femoral, popliteal, and pedal pulses
  •     Blood pressure dependent pulses
  •     Sternal I/O infusion supports F.A.S.T.1
  •     Tibia I/O access
  •     Bilateral deltoid and quadriceps IM injection sites


  •     Internal fluid bladder with male genitalia for catheterization
  •     Bowel sounds in four quadrants



  •     Selectable normal and abnormal heart sounds
  •     Preprogrammed ECG rhythm library with customizable variations
  •     4-Lead ECG monitoring using real equipment (12-lead option available item S3040.100.120)
  •     Defibrillation and pacing using real energy


  •     Quadruple trauma limbs: Interchangeable trauma lower arms and legs included
  •     Bleeding axilla and groin wounds detect applied pressure
  •     Trauma site arterial bleeding synched with heart rate and blood pressure
  •     Blood pressure control bleeding rate
  •     Arm and legs tourniquet sensors
  •     Pressure on femoral artery reduces or stops distal bleeding in leg
  •     On-board 1.5 Lt. blood reservoir
  •     Automatic self-refilling reservoir system
  •     On-screen blood loss monitor and reservoir level

Package Includes

  •     Wireless tablet PC, protective “bump” case, and UNI software license
  •     RF Communications Module
  •     Battery charger/Power supply
  •     L/R Healthy lower arms and legs
  •     L/R Trauma lower arms and legs
  •     Axilla and groin wound inserts
  •     Replacement surgical tracheas
  •     Soft carrying case
  •     Hands-free blood refill bag
  •     User Manual
  •     1 year standard warranty
  •     2, 3, 5 year warranty plans also available